Polyurethane two-component resin Poly-PUr-02P

Полиуретановая двухкомпонентная смола Поли-ПУр-02П

Application area

Poly-PUr-02P is a fast–reacting two-component polyurethane resin.

Scope of application:

• strengthening of the disturbed rock mass and ensuring its stability in coal mines, mines and tunnels;
• chemical fastening of steel polymer anchors of various designs in the mountain range;
• waterproofing of the rock mass from water inflow into the mine;
• reduction of gas permeability of the mountain range;
• strengthening of various engineering structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete – foundations, dams, etc.

Description of the components:

Component A is a mixture of polyester polyols and modifying additives.

Component B is a modified polyisocyanate.

The mixture of components turns into rigid polyurethane as a result of the reaction.

[ Instructions for use of Poly-PUr ]

[ Certificate of Compliance with Poly-PUr ]

[ Certificate of state registration of Poly-PUr products ]

The principle of operation:

Injected with a special pump into a mountain range or engineering structures, two components – component A and component B of polyurethane resin in a ratio of 1:1, passing through a static mixer, form a ready-made composition that penetrates cracks and, when cured, glues the rock or concrete parts together, forming a monolithic structure and ensuring the stability of underground workings and strength of engineering structures.

When filling cracks in a mountain range with a finished composition, its water and gas permeability also decreases. Injection of the finished composition into the mountain range is carried out through special injection tubes or anchor systems.
The recommended application temperature is 15÷25 °C. Before use, it is necessary to keep the resin components at a temperature of at least 15 ° C for 24 hours.

Attention! During operation, it is necessary to completely eliminate the possibility of water entering containers with Components A and B!


PolyPUr-02P component A is a black plastic canister with a white lid of 20 liters (23 kg);

PolyPUr-02P component B is a black plastic canister with a black lid (24 kg);

Additionally, at the request of the customer

a compact two-component pump with pneumatic or hydraulic drive is supplied;
discharge accessories: discharge and drain hoses, shut-off valves, couplings, nipples, discharge tubes, static mixers, sealers.

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